Stopping Internal Theft in All Its Forms

Some businesses are more vulnerable to internal theft than others. For retailers and restaurateurs, the risk of internal theft is high. Some business owners believe hiring live security guards is the answer — but unfortunately, security staff may be in on the job if internal theft happens.

Three-quarters of employees will steal from the workplace at least once, and no business is immune. Let’s look at the most common types of internal theft, and examine ways that specific security technology can help mitigate or prevent it from happening to you.

Types of Internal Theft

There are many ways employees steal from their employers, many of them very damaging. Internal theft can include any of the following crimes.

  • Merchandise theft. Stealing inventory from storage rooms (or right off the shelf) is a frequent gateway crime for internal thieves.
  • Cash theft. Another common type of internal theft is stealing cash from registers, safes or petty cash drawers.
  • Sales fraud. Sales fraud can range from overcharging customers and pocketing the difference to skimming, which is purposely failing to record a sale and pocketing the entire payment.
  • Larceny. Cash larceny is stealing money that has already been recorded in a company’s books; it can involve altering cash accounts or altering the register tape. Some employees may write personal checks to cover the balance.

Prevent Internal Theft With Our Help

ASI Security can help you prevent internal theft in all its forms. By integrating video surveillance and Sensormatic® brand electronic article surveillance (EAS) article surveillance or RFID systems, you can know when employees are attempting to steal your merchandise. Cash theft, sales fraud and larceny can also be prevented with our help. When employees know their management is viewing video footage remotely with mobile access, they’re less likely to attempt these crimes. Our video surveillance solutions also help you track customer service and employee productivity, so you can watch out for your bottom line as well.

Contact ASI Security to Learn More

At ASI Security, we can help you mitigate the risks of internal theft. To learn more about any of the retail security solutions discussed here, contact us today. We will be happy to speak with you.

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