ASI Security has the staff, experience and capabilities to work on large construction projects as a sub-contractor for both General and Electrical Contractors. Incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia, ASI Security is a certified MBE/DBE, Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business.

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"ASI Security is responsible for any and all installations, upgrades, maintenance, inspections, programming and monitoring. We have contracted with ASI for over 15 years and I have personally worked with them for over 12. I have always been impressed with the quality of their workmanship and customer service."

Russell Payne
Supervisor of Resource and Security Control York County Schools

"We found ASI out of necessity, when our other vendor was unresponsive and slow to get the job done. Since then, they have done installs and service for us and have always got the job done in a timely and professional manner. Their techs and administration seem to be some of the best in the business and I am so glad we found them."

John M. Anderson
Regional Maintenance Supervisor KPM LLC

"We just finished a project at the VB oceanfront and could not be more pleased with the service provided. The staff clearly laid out a plan to address the issues with the existing alarm panel that could not handle the upgraded fire pump. They are also helping us on another project with the security system and onsite monitoring during the construction project. Great personnel with the knowledge and right attitude to get the job done."

John Schmied
ASI Commercial Client

I can see why you are the Security Service Manager. You were very pleasant on the phone and completely accommodated me, working around my hectic work schedule. I am most appreciative. I choose ASI because ASI has the best of the best employees - and I think you are one of the best!!!
Kind regards"

Kim Woodfin
ASI Commercial Client

Frequently Asked Questions

Since 1995, Advanced Sensors, Inc. (trading as ASI Security) has specialized in offering integrated life-safety and security packages to all vertical markets, including but not limited to school systems, small businesses, leisure/travel, government (local and federal), retail, banking, multi-unit housing and healthcare. We incorporate Security, Fire, CCTV, Electronic Access Control, Intercom, Nurse Call and many other life-safety systems into our offerings.

In addition to working directly with our end-user customers, ASI Security has the staff, experience and capabilities to work on large construction projects as a sub-contractor for both General and Electrical Contractors. Incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia, ASI Security is a certified MBE/DBE, Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business.

ASI Security is an leader in Security Technology, leveraging our experience and expertise to help drive your business forward. We are passionate about what we do and committed to bringing you leading-edge, creative solutions for your security technology needs: 

  • Integrated security solutions to help you grow your business
  • Consultative provider with a deep understanding of your business security needs
  • Commitment to delivering exceptional security solutions to help produce a variety of benefits, including improved productivity, cost savings and enhanced control
  • Total security coverage from integration and installation to post-sale services and on-going management

Statistics show that businesses without an alarm system in place are 4.5 times more likely to be targeted for burglary than those with an alarm system.  In addition to protection against burglary and robbery, you can protect your business from employee theft, information theft, arson and vandalism with the right security system in place. ASI Security offers a variety of security solutions to protect your business, including:

  • Video Surveillance - Lets you check in on staff and customers. Video analytics can help improve business operations. 
  • Access control - One of the most important aspects of your business security is who has access to your premises. With access control solutions, you can customize credentials and control areas each of your employees can enter. You can also use access control to manage time and attendance. 
  • Burglar and fire protection - Detect intruders, safeguard your cash, equipment and inventory from internal and external theft. Fire alarms can help customers and employees evacuate quickly in the event of an emergency. 

Additionally, many insurance companies offer lower premiums to businesses that have a security system in place.

Simply put, local alarms merely have sirens or flashing lights to let you know that an emergency is taking place. A local alarm does not notify an alarm company or any authorities when it is triggered. You need to call emergency responders yourself if an alarm is triggered, which can be a problem if you are not at the property.

Monitored alarms, like those offered by ASI Security, are connected to a monitoring center where operators are staffed around the clock. If a monitored alarm is triggered, a signal is sent to the monitoring center where operators can dispatch help to your property, whether you are there or not.

When an alarm is triggered, a signal is sent to our Monitoring Center. Operators call the property to verify the alarm and then dispatch appropriate authorities if the alarm is real. If no one can be reached at the property, pre-designated emergency contacts are notified and authorities dispatched.

No, we have security systems that use wireless, cellular technology. If you prefer to use a landline, we can still back up your system with wireless technology in the event that your phone service is disrupted.

Yes, ASI Security Monitoring Centers use uninterruptible power supplies, so your security system is always monitored, even if local power goes out.

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