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Our industry-leading solutions help Auto Dealerships prevent loss, combat operational and risk management challenges and increase productivity.

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Increase efficiency and maximize your business, whether you are on the lot on not.

Auto dealerships face several complex challenges. Whether you are looking for a way to mitigate the risk of theft or vandalism, ensure customer and employee safety or any other challenge, you need a reliable solution to monitor your business around the clock.

The right security solution will help you recognize and address workplace safety and security issues while simultaneously boosting you business operations and procedures. As a result, you will increase efficiency and maximize your business efforts, whether you are on the lot on not.

  • Protect Inventory with Surveillance and Motion-Sensors

    Deter theft and vandalism on your lot with the latest video surveillance and intrusion detection technology.

  • Control Access to Critical Areas

    Protect your employees and customers by restricting access to potentially dangerous areas like service bays or body shops.

  • Remote Access to Deliveries 24/7

    With our cloud-hosted and managed services, you can allow deliveries of parts and equipment—even when your lot is closed.

  • Protect Your Business from Fraud and Liability

    Help monitor workers' compensation and customer liability charges with video surveillance.

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Call us today to schedule a risk assessment of your current security system and learn how our custom solutions can help you secure & streamline your operations. 

Video Surveillance for Auto Dealerships

Car dealerships are the ideal environment for video surveillance, due to the value of the inventory and its susceptibility to theft. Automobiles—depending on make, model, year and features, can vary in price from a few thousand to a few hundred thousand dollars. Much of the inventory is left out in parking lots, leaving million dollar inventories exposed 24/7 to potential theft and the damaging effects of harmful weather.


The Benefts of Securtiy for Your Auto Dealership

Prevent Theft

Let's face it—the dollar is the bottom line for auto dealerships. Protecting your inventory and potential profit is essential to sales, and with expensive inventory, security becomes vital. Video surveillance cameras placed around lots can help prevent thieves from taking vehicles, while simultaneously helping identify any thieves who do take cars.

Track Customers and Visitors

The ability to track customer habits—especially correlating data between which cars customers look at and which cars they actually buy, is highly valuable information for marketing, inventory and sales staff. Video surveillance cameras—especially those equipped with intelligent video analytics, can help you count and track customers as they move around your business.

Protect Buildings, Employees, and Customers

Surveillance cameras can help by keeping your security staff informed of any issues that arise throughout the day. Rather than sitting in front of a monitor, they have the ability to actively patrol your grounds while receiving alerts from cameras. Employees also have the ability to be more flexible in their duties thanks to features like video alerts and mobile viewing.

Future Integration

A networked security system utilizing IP cameras is the key to any future technology integration and advancements. A well-integrated system has the ability to grow with the business, integrating into ID card timekeeping systems, physical security systems, complete building hvac systems and more!

Integrated Security for Dealerships

ASI Security is a complete integrated security systems specialist, providing leading security technology through the design, install, service, inspection and monitoring of your systems. Our security systems for auto dealerships use the latest video technology and security communications to protect your showrooms, vehicle lots, service bays and more, allowing owners and key personnel to keep watch and ensure everyone and everything is safe and secure.

Call Today: (757) 989-0718

Call us today to schedule a risk assessment of your current security system and learn how our custom solutions can help you secure & streamline your operations. 

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