Detection Technology for Environmental Winter Challenges

Detection Technology for Environmental Winter Challenges

The winter season poses several environmental risks that can be hazardous to properties and the people who inhabit them. Here are some of the environmental risks that tend to spike in the winter, and technology solutions that can prevent harmful events by alerting stakeholders to the presence of these dangers on the property. 

Winter Fire Risks

The winter months are a high risk time for fire, both at residential and commercial properties. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) states that December, January and February are the peak months of the year for heating fires, due to the cold weather that inspires the use of space heaters and other heating equipment. If the location is not properly protected with a quality fire alarm system, the entire premises and all of its occupants are at risk. Ask ASI Security about a fire alarm system that provides advanced warning of smoke and fire, so that evacuation protocols can be implemented more seamlessly, and fire department dispatch can be initiated more quickly. 

Winter HVAC Duct Risks 

If a property is equipped with an HVAC system, the central heating tends to be used more heavily during the winter months. HVAC can be an excellent way to heat the premises during cold weather; however, its ducts can be a prime conduit for smoke and gas to travel through. By integrating a duct detection system, property owners can prevent smoke and harmful gasses from traveling through the HVAC ducts into the building. This system works by sampling air currents in the HVAC equipment; if harmful elements are detected, it will close the damper, halt the fans and send an alert to the fire alarm control panel.

Winter Gas Leak Risks 

There are two primary reasons for the higher risk of gas leaks in the winter months. First, property owners tend to use more natural gas for heating, cooking and drying clothes during the cold weather. Second, the lower temperatures of winter can quickly cause gas pipes to shrink and/or freeze.

Both shrunken and frozen pipes can lead to gas leaks that emit into the home.

To mitigate this risk, we can install gas detection technology designed to detect gas leaks (including small, trace amounts of gas). Most existing fire alarm systems cannot detect gas leaks; this is why integrating gas detection can be critical. 

Call ASI Security to Learn More

The fire alarm systems, gas detection systems and HVAC duct detection systems we install at ASI Security have proven track records of reliability. We highly recommend this technology for commercial properties, multi-family residential properties, government properties and other high occupation locations. We offer scalable, customizable solutions to fit many property types and sizes; to discuss these solutions for winter environmental challenges, contact ASI Security this winter. Call (757) 989-0718, or contact us online for a free quote.

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