Our Integrated Security Technology solutions help Manufacturing facilities Address and Prevent Potential Theft and Workplace Violence.

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Our custom-built security solutions meet the complex demands of modern manufactuing companies through a simple, easy-to-use interface

Today's manufacturing facilities face increasingly complex challenges. With greater demands from customers, increased competition and evolving government regulations, manufacturers today have a greater need for heightened security than ever before.

To meet these modern challenges, you must rely on a comprehensive security solution—from a reliable, trusted integrator, to monitor your inventory and business operations, protect your staff and contractors and safeguard your business from the outside in.

  • Protect your Assets with Optimized Access Control

    Control who enters and exits your facility and restrict access to key locations with our integrated access control technology.

  • Remotely Monitor your Facility 24/7/365

    Our integrated security systems allow you to monitor and control your security system from your mobile device, keeping you informed around the clock.

  • Secure your Perimeter with Video and Motion Detection

    Prevent potential intruders from entering your facility with integrated video surveillance and perimeter security.

  • Meet Business Compliances and Regulations

    Our certified fire detection and other life safety systems help keep you in compliance with local and national government regulations

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