Home Security for the Buying Boom

There’s a homebuying boom going on nationwide, and Virginia is no exception. Throughout the state, the housing market is characterized by high demand and low inventory. Homebuyers, many of them millennials, are snatching up houses as quickly as possible — and they need those homes to be secure from night one.

If you’re making the leap to homeownership this summer, make sure your new property is protected right away. We can help, with home security that does so much more than a traditional alarm system. Here are just some of the things that are possible.

Totally Connected Smart Home Automation

More than a standard home security system, our smart home automation systems allow you to control your alarm, electronic locks, connected lights and smart thermostat all from the convenience of your own smartphone. Once all these systems are integrated and working together, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them. Our smart home security systems include a feature called Scenes, which allows you to program the way you want everything to work.

When you leave for work in the morning, you can tap a single button on your phone to activate your alarm, lock the front door and adjust the thermostat. Want to set a Scene for bedtime? You can arm the system for overnight protection, turn the downstairs lights on and adjust the thermostat again with another single tap. There are infinite ways to turn your new house into a fully automated smart home.

Communication With Everyone at Your Door

Our doorbell camera is the perfect home security accessory. From your new neighbors and mailman to your close family and friends, you’ll always know who’s at the door when you check your doorbell camera. What’s even better than that? You can communicate with them from wherever you happen to be, using the convenient and powerful two-way voice speaker. If the person is someone you don’t recognize, you can directly and firmly ask them to leave. It’s your house, and you can decide who to welcome or turn away. Your doorbell camera helps you do it from anywhere.

A Way to Give Trusted People Temporary Access

It’s exciting to invite overnight guests to your new home. With a smart lock on your front door, you’ll have a numeric keypad that lets you leave traditional house keys behind. Your guests can have their own code to enter — one that’s entirely different from yours, so yours can stay private. You can disable your guest code once they leave, and create a new one for the next stay. This can be done for sitters, housekeepers and other trusted workers as well; their codes can be restricted to the specific days and times they’ll be working.

If there’s a new house on your horizon, now is the time to find smart home security technology to protect your family and your new purchase. Learn more about any of the features here by calling ASI Security today. We look forward to hearing from you.

About ASI Security

ASI Security has been the premier choice for business and residential security since 1995. Let our team help you safeguard your family and your business assets, utilizing the most advanced security technology on the market today: security, security cameras, access control and other smart home and business solutions. All of these are at your fingertips, along with professional installation and monitoring, from ASI Security. Call us at (757) 989-0718 to request a complimentary security consultation.

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