CCTV to Combat Catalytic Converter Theft in Virginia Beach

When it comes to the most commonly stolen auto parts, catalytic converters are always near the top of the list. Catalytic converter theft has been on the rise for the past several years, both nationally and locally. In fact, Virginia Beach police have launched a program that offers a cash reward to those who provide successful tips leading to the arrest of catalytic converter thieves. 

But that’s just one way to hold thieves responsible and deter others from attempting the crime. Using CCTV, Virginia Beach property owners can help authorities catch catalytic converter thieves and heighten the risk of the crime for those who are considering it. But what is a catalytic converter, and what is it that makes this part so irresistible to thieves?

What is a Catalytic Converter? 

A catalytic converter is an auto part that reduces harmful chemical compounds from engine emissions. It does this by converting them into a steam gas that is safer for the environment.

The conversion happens by way of a chamber, also known as the catalyst, that breaks up the unsafe molecules in the emitted gasses before they’re released from the vehicle into the air. 

Why Do Thieves Steal Catalytic Converters?

Thieves find catalytic converters valuable because of the precious metals they contain: platinum, rhodium and palladium. The thief’s goal is to sell the metals to a scrap yard or a black market platform. In 2022, the values of the precious metals contained inside catalytic converters was: 

  • Rhodium – $20,000 per ounce
  • Palladium – $2,938 per ounce
  • Platinum – $1,128 per ounce 


How CCTV Can Prevent Catalytic Converter Theft 

Catalytic converter theft is rampant, but you can help crack down on it with CCTV. Virginia Beach parking lots and other commercial areas are vulnerable, but having them monitored by intelligent CCTV cameras can lead to more arrests of catalytic converter thieves. 

The more these criminals are held accountable by law enforcement, the more would-be criminals will be deterred from committing the act. To upgrade a current video surveillance network or schedule a first-time installation of CCTV, Virginia Beach businesses can call ASI Security. Let’s work together to stop catalytic converter theft. 

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