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Jails and Detention Facilities

ASI Security provides reliable turn-key solutions for jails and detention centers in Virginia. Our security control and management systems can be integrated with existing systems to provide greater ease in transition while reducing operational costs. Our technicians provide unique assesment and installation of these robust systems in courthouses, jails, prisons, government buildings and courthouses of any size.

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Whether you need to obtain a new system with the most advanced touchscreen-based system  or are looking to make a few upgrades to your existing security system, our knowledgeable, experienced, and dedicated team will ensure the job right.

As a local business in Hampton Roads, we understand the value of providing quality service, getting it done on time and on budget - every time. 

Our integrated solutions can include a wide array of systems, including Access Control SystemsIntercom & Paging SystemsCCTV / Video SurveillancePerimeter & Intrusion Detection SystemsFire Detection Systems, and more.


Electronic Access Control systems and tracking systems are widely-used for regulating the movement of people into, out of and within sites and buildings. These fully automated systems minimizes the use of valuable staff resources and offers instant location of individuals. Additionally, they provide historical records of movement and hold useful diagnostic information - a valuable tool should a security breach occur, or for simple `time and attendance' monitoring.

The most critical issue faced by jails and detention facilities is door control. Our access control systems allow key personnel the ability to control access into and out of buildings, rooms and custom locations, without the need for staff intervention. 


Communication is key to the operational success of any correctional facility. Our intercom systems enable effective communication between a variety of locations and allow announcements publicly or to specific locations as desired.

Our team is fully trained and certified to install intercom and paging systems specifically designed to meed the rigorous demands of correctional, industrial, and high security applications. Designed to integrate with other security products, our intercom and paging solutions offer clear, crisp audio, excellent speech quality, and optional adjustments and filters to accomodate variances in room accoustics.


The ability to see who is approaching and if visual verification matches is essential in providing effective security for jails and correctional facilities. When incidents arise, video surveillance helps provide a more comprehensive view of the situation, while simultaneously adding an increased level of safety and security for inmates and staff.

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CCTV systems offer numerous benefits for correctional facilities, including:

  • Improved Visual Coverage
  • Monitoring Inmate Activity
  • Visual Evidence/Documentation of Events
  • Maintains Order in Common Areas
  • Reduces Instances of Assault
  • Prevents Drug Smuggling
  • Monitors Officer Behavior
  • Provides Safer Transport
  • Increased Search Capabilities
  • Remote Video Monitoring


When it comes to perimeter security, a good offense provides a good defense, but that defense is only as strong as its weakest link. So how good is the defense? And where is the weakest link?

Weak links = unprotected perimeters. Unprotected perimeters = unprotected assets and people, and inevitably, this will produce a breach in security. The resulting consequence of a breach in security can be wildly monumental, making intrusion threats a constant concern for jails and correctional facilities.

More often than not, perimeters are too long for security personnel to patrol effectively, so many have turned to the advanced capabilities of electronic security technology and perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS) for a solution.

Modern PIDS have advanced capabilties that save time and money, and display increased accuracy. Benefits of these systems include:

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  • Durable, Reliable Systems
  • Minimal False Alarms
  • Maximized Detection Capabilities
  • Low Maintenance
  • Accuracy in Targeting the Instrusion Location
  • Integration with other Systems


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