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Perimeter Security Systems

Perimeter Security technology allows both public and private entities to protect wider areas (the perimeter) of their facilities with less manpower. ASI Security been designing, installing and deploying premium perimeter security systems for Government, Commercial and VIP Residential clients since 1995. See below for some of the Perimeter Security systems we specialize in.


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Key Features

  • Detects Cut or Climb Events
  • Flexible Zoning
  • Automated Alarm Handling
  • Manage Remotely
  • Advanced Digital Signal Processing

Products and Services

Barrier / Fence Alarms
Barrier and Fence alarms incorporate sensors that are attached to fence structures to pick up vibrations and enact a response. This response can turn on a warning siren, light up a fence section or surrounding field, activate video surveillance and more.
Ground Radar
Ground Radar detects potential perpetrators moving in from land. Units are often placed remotely, may be fixed or mobile; solar, battery or electric powered, and installed to communicate through wired or wireless connections.
Microwave Sensors
Microwave sensors, also known as Radar, PF or Doppler sensors, detect walking, running or crawling human targets in an outdoor environment. These sensors generate an electromagnetic (RF) field between the transmitter and receiver, creating an invisible volumetric detection zone. When an intruder enters the detection zone, changes to the field are registered and an alarm occurs.
Security Fence
Security fences are often incorporated to cover larger perimeters and may be hardened to resist cutting, which delays and deters perpetrators for several minutes. Security fences may also be made strong enough to stop a speeding vehicle.
Security Gates & Operators
ASI Security has more than 21 years of experience installing security gates and operators for commercial and government clients. Whether you have a barrier gate, pedestrian gate, swing gate or vertical pivot gate, it is critical to have the right security gate opener installed and functioning properly to secure your facility.
Thermal Imaging
Thermal Imaging is often used in conjunction with radar to provide a detailed visual image of approaching people or objects, even in complete darkness.
Video Motion Detection
Video Motion Detection (VMD) may be installed as a stand-alone system or integrated into other detection systems to detect motion and capture the events. VMD is especially suitable for low-traffic areas as it detects moving objects (such as people or vehicles) within the predefined area, making it possible to automatically trigger an action.
Volumetric / Ground Sensors
Volumetric and Ground sensors generate an invisible detection field to detect intruders moving through it. Because the detection field is invisible, it is a fairly impenetrable security system. There are a variety of sensors which may be configured for multiple applications, including above- and below-ground sensors.
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