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Checkpoint Security Systems

From X-Ray detection to Under Vehicle Inspection Systems (U.V.I.S.), ASI Security integrates a wide range of Checkpoint Security solutions to mitigate risk and protect your business from potential threat. See below for some of the solutions we provide.


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Key Features

  • Enhances Security System
  • Helps Deter Crime
  • Physical Security Barriers
  • Enhances the Goals of your Security Plan
  • Physical Obstructions help Reduce Potential Damage

Products and Services

Ballistic Rated Shelters
Designed to protect people and buildings against attacks, ASI Security has the knowledge, experience and ability to provide a wide variety of ballistic rated shelters for Government and Commercial clients in Virginia, North Carolina and Washington, DC.
Barricades / Bollards
Barricades and Bollards are often used by government agencies and private businesses to protect public spaces (and the people in them) from vehicle attacks and to control the flow of traffic.
Blast Mitigation
Blast Mitigation products are designed to protect people from flying debris. Federal buildings are required ti have a minimum level of impact resistant protection, but adjacent buildings should also have protection to mitigate shockwave damage to the building envelope and potential injury to occupants.
Canopies aid in securing access control points at entrance gates for a variety of facilities and are often used at ID Checkpoints, Vehicle Inspection areas and traffic access control points.
Explosive Detection
Explosive Detection provides a non-destructive inspection process for determining whether a container holds explosive material. These systems are used in a variety of industries, including airports, ports and border control.
Metal Detection / X-Ray
Metal Detection and X-Ray Inspection are first lines of defense in identifying the presence of metals and other foreign objects for a variety of industries.
Millimeter Wave Scanner
A Millimeter Wave Scanner is a whole-body imaging device that uses a form of electromagnetic radiation to detect objects concealed beneath a person's clothing.
Radiation Detection
You cannot see, hear, smell, taste or touch radiation - it can only be detected with special equipment. ASI Security has more than 21 years of experience integrating a variety of radiation detection systems for clients in the U.S. and abroad.
Vehicle Barrier Systems
Vehicle Barrier Systems protect facilities against vehicular threats. They are designed to stop, disable and/or destroy vehicles intentionally driven into the perimeter of a protected area. They may be active or static, and may be located at gate entrances or along perimeters between vehicle access points.
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